The Shape of Water

A puddle. That’s the shape of water I’m in after seeing Guillermo del Toro’s latest work. I thought I’d begin with a cliche and get it over with. Honestly, I teared up early and often. I’m not ashamed to admit it. The Shape of Water moved me in ways I thought I was no longer […]

The Post

Some of you may be wondering why a film dealing with the Pentagon Papers focuses on the Washington Post when they were made public by the New York Times. It’s the fair question. The answer is The Post is secretly about Katherine “Kay” Graham, who at the time was the publisher of the Washington Post. […]

A Ghost Story

It’s misleading to say David Lowery’s A Ghost Story is a movie about Rooney Mara eating pie. Also, Brokeback Mountain is not all about gay cowboys eating pudding. I did not see a single can of Snack Pack in that film. Not that there is anything wrong with Rooney Mara eating pie; I wouldn’t fetishise […]

Phantom Thread

Watching Paul Thomas Anderson films makes me come to terms with my utter lack of intelligence. I wish I was far more smart. I don’t want to become a stable genius; my desire is to have more brain thinking knowledge. My belief is that Anderson is one of the top filmmakers working today, and when […]

I, Tonya

Only in America. For the past couple of years it’s felt like I’m reliving the 1990s. Or at least scanning the CNN archives. I cannot turn on a TV or listen to a podcast within hearing about O.J. Simpson, the Unabomber, or Heaven’s Gate; not that I’m complaining. All of them have added to my […]

Call Me By Your Name

The motion picture industry has been around for over a century, but it’s only in my lifetime that same sex relationships have been depicted in mainstream releases. You could make allusions to a character being gay, but you couldn’t flat out say it. That is unless it was in a disparaging fashion. There are other […]

Carol (2015 Film)

When a lot of people drone on and on about the “good old days,” they are referring to the 1950s. Others mean the 1930s. In Germany. I’ll save that conversation for when (if) I get around to Cabaret. Some believe the ’50s were just peachy keen. I’m familiar with Happy Days and American Graffiti, but […]