Star Wars: Rebels “Through Imperial Eyes”

With a title like “Through Imperial Eyes,” one would think it’s a first person, day in the life account. But it isn’t. There is an issue of the Star Wars comic about stormtroopers, and in From a Certain Point of View, parts of A New Hope are related by Imperials. What “Through Imperial Eyes” does […]

Star Wars: Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore”

It appears that the Mandalore stories are a third subplot this season on Rebels. I’m okay with that. I liked the Mandalore episodes of The Clone Wars, though I was never convinced by Jon Favreau as a villain; he’s just so darn affable. Ray Stevenson, on the other hand, makes a convincing baddie. But I […]

Star Wars: Rebels “Warhead”

“Warhead” puts a Star Wars spin on some familiar television plots. While the rest of the Ghost crew are off on a training session, Zeb and Chopper hang back and do their best to avoid inventory duty with AP-5. A beacon is sending out mixed signals, so the Lasat and the murder droid go check […]

Star Wars: Darth Maul

Darth Maul is the first of the current batch of Star Wars stories to take place in a period outside the films. It’s prequel adjacent, but that’s not a bad thing. Oh, the prequels are bad, but there are some good bits. One of them is Darth Maul. I don’t know how many years prior […]

Star Wars: Rebels “Visions and Voices”

“Visions and Voices” is a bit like a midseries episode of The Clone Wars. Is that a good thing? It all depends on how you feel about the Night Sisters. This being the midseason finale, we get a nugget about the other storyline of the year: Maul. When Maul and Ezra joined holocrons (not a […]