Happy End

“Finally, someone’s going to tell the truth about the bourgeoisie.” I don’t think Charlie Black from Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan would be any less disappointed with Happy End than he was with The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, but at least Michael Haneke is not a surrealist, unlike Luis Buñuel. I honestly don’t know how to […]

Triple Feature part 3: Their Finest

I may have saved the best for last. Unlike Dunkirk or The Darkest Hour, Their Finest is all fiction, all the time. Not being bound by reality allows for even more creative freedom. They make the most of it. The British are good at making a certain type of movie, and Their Finest is a […]

Triple Feature part 1: Dunkirk

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not a Christopher Nolan fanboy. I have seen all of his films, save Following. I like them — some more than others. I always look forward to his next project. I wanted to love Dunkirk, but I only liked it. It’s probably me. No wait… It […]

Lady Bird

2017 was an interesting year for cinematic mothers and daughters. I, Tonya features a mom who physically and verbally abuses her child so she can become a stronger, more competitive skater. In Wonder Woman, Hippolyta wants to shield Diana from the evil that is man’s world, but comes to the conclusion her daughter must have […]