Star Wars: Darth Vader – End of Games

Kieron Gillen’s run on Darth Vader has come to an close and there are some loose ends to tie up. Doctor Aphra is no longer part of the Sith Lord’s inner circle, therefore she is surplus to requirements. Don’t feel sorry for her; she lands on her feet  and in her own comic. Which is nice.

End of Games shows Vader having a flashback to one of the pivotal moments from Revenge of the Sith. It seems the Dark Lord is a bit conflicted. Can you blame him? He only just found out he has a son, and he’s the fellow who made the Death Star go boom. That would throw a monkey into anyone’s wrench.

It doesn’t help matters any that the Emperor was giving his apprentice the Sith equivalent of a performance review:

“So, Lord Vader, where do you see yourself in five standard years?”

“In your seat. Running the galaxy. With my son by my side.”

“Gooood… Wait, what?”

Okay, it didn’t go down exactly like that. That was more of the Robot Chicken version.

Cylo and Voidgazer have been dispatched, because . . . You know why. Vader thought the pair so insignificant that he never once mentioned them in Episodes V or VI. That’s cold, even for a Sith Lord. When he removes someone from his contact list, he wipes the memory card.

Dude ain’t playing.

The Darth Vader comic ended at about the right time; not only after twenty-five issues–plus the annual and the Star Wars crossover–but in the timeline as well. You desire a little mystery as to what he and Palpatine were up to just prior to striking back.

Writer: Kieron Gillen; artist: Salvador Larroca; colorist: Edgar Delgado


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