Anne Hathaway is Big in South Korea (Colossal film review)

I liked Anne Hathaway before it was cool to like her again. I also like movies with giant monsters. When I heard writer/director Nacho Vigalondo had combined the two into a film called Colossal, I thought it was quite possibly the most genius idea since the Reese’s peanut butter cup. It may not rise to that level; but it’s killer.

Gloria (Hathaway) sees her writing career go down the commode. Her boyfriend, Tim, (Dan Stevens) kicks her to the curb, due to the nonstop drinking and partying on her part. She returns to her hometown in upstate New York, where she runs into former classmate, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). Gloria’s arrival coincides with that of a kaiju in Seoul, South Korea. If you don’t want any more intel, stop reading and proceed to the nearest theatre where Colossal is playing.

You still here? Oh well. I won’t post spoilers, but I will give you a bit more information.

Oscar owns the bar that his father built. After closing time, he invites Gloria to join Garth, (Tim Blake Nelson) Joel, (Austin Stowell) and himself in the closed off section, for some late night drinking and b.s.-ing. This is the portion of the plot that plays like your prototypical indie film, and it may have well worked without the giant monster; but where’s the fun in that?

You do have to wonder who is the target audience for Colossal. Despite reserved seating, my friend and I arrived early to the theatre. Mainly because of traffic, but mostly because we are fans of Maria Menounos. No, really. As other movie goers filed in, we played “Anne Hathaway or Giant Monster,” which is an instant game designed to guess the reasoning behind everyone’s motive for being there. It appeared to be 99% in favor of Anne Hathaway, with the lone holdout being the teenage boy; but you never know. The film started at 2:15, so if he skipped school to be there: good on you. And if he’s the same one who was at the afternoon showing of The Shining last year–I may want to adopt him.

Or marry his mom, if she’s single.


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