I May Have Commited a Facebook Foul

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, (as you do) when I noticed it was the birthday of someone with whom I went to school. So, I posted “Happy Birthday!” (as you do) and moved along. A few minutes later, I thought, “Hmm… I don’t remember seeing a notification,” but then again, I don’t always check, because I’m not fourteen. And I don’t have many friends.

Sure enough, I am not Facebook friends with this person. I should have known this, since I don’t have all that many Facebook friends, and far fewer friends in real life–whatever that is.

Now I am in panic mode, which is more or less my default setting. Did I do something wrong? I actually know this person, or should I say that I know who this person is? They know me, (I grew up in a small town) but we were never friends of any sort. We speak if we ever run into one another, but that rarely happens. The odd thing is, I get along with her better than a lot of my other Facebook friends.

I don’t want it to seem like I am fishing for friends, even those of the Facebook variety. Not only is that rude, that is not the sort of person I am. I don’t go around submitting Facebook friend requests all willy-nilly. The only requests I have ever made were of those with whom I am friends in real life. I could count that number on one hand–two if you include relatives–and most of them sent requests to me.

I only joined Facebook in the first place because one of my friends move halfway across the country, and I thought this would be a convenient way of keeping in touch. As it turns out, he doesn’t post a lot, so that plan didn’t work. But none of my plans ever do.


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