Passengers (A Sort of Review)

Who goes to see Passengers? The theatre was somewhat crowded for a Sunday at noon. One member of the audience was wearing a Reagan – Bush ’84 T-shirt; which is a fashion choice. I guess. I don’t like speculating anyone’s age, but this guy appeared to have been born around the time George W. Bush was running for president. That would be like me wearing an Eisenhower – Nixon ’52 T-shirt. I just can’t see that happening–and I like Ike.

Passengers is not a perfect movie, but I don’t hate it like so many others do. I like quite a bit of it. I will save the discussion for a later post where I will get into spoilers and stuff. Most people know about the big thing, but I won’t talk about it now, since one or two people may not keep up with such things. Oh, who am I kidding? No one reads this blog. Not now anyway. In the far flung future, I will be considered an unappreciated savant, and everyone will love me.

It’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, so don’t burst my bubble.

If you have only seen the trailers, you would think that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt play passengers on a spaceship who are awoken way too early, and you’d be correct. I have heard that a certain reveal came later in Jon Spaiht’s original script, but I don’t know why it was changed. I also don’t what else was changed, or if the alerations were made at the behest of Sony Pictures. However, I am not so curious to know the answer that I am hoping the studio’s email account is once again hacked. I’ve had enough of hacks for one lifetime.

A lot of people have taken shots at Morten Tyldum, but I thought the direction was fine. I loved Michael Sheen as Arthur the android bartender. Even though he is always excellent as a lead, I do admire his scene stealing (in a good way) supporting roles. I thought Sheen was the best part of Tron: Legacy. Okay, him and Daft Punk.

I wasn’t exactly impressed by Thomas Newman’s score. The same could be said for his work on the last two James Bond movies; but that’s another story. There are a couple of pieces in Passengers that are reminiscent of the music that plays before the movie starts, when the theatre reminds you to turn off your cell phone and that snacks are available in the lobby. This is a bit of sidetrack, but why do those announcements often look like a sweded version of Blade Runner or an animated ad for Six Flags?


One thought on “Passengers (A Sort of Review)

  1. I quite enjoyed Passengers. It isn’t exactly ground breaking or amazing but it is an entertaining enough way to spend an afternoon. Probably limited rewatch value though.
    Thanks for sharing.


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