Star Wars: Rebels ” The Honorable Ones”

“The Honorable Ones” touches on some well known Star Wars lore. It’s one of those episodes that starts in one place, then goes somewhere unexpected. The Ghost crew are sent to check out the space over Geonosis. The planet has been featured in the prequels, The Clone Wars; and Darth Vader paid a visit to Geonosis in the comics. So it must be of some importance.

But, this story has nothing to do with Geonosis, nor the future Death Star. No, this was a trap set by Agent Kallus. Stuff happens, and Zeb is left behind on a spaceship, while his shipmates retreat. Zeb’s plan was to make his escape via escape pod, but he wasn’t counting on Kallus hitching a ride.

They keep fighting one another in the pod and things get broken, just like your mom said they would. The pod overshoots Geonosis and they land on one of its moons. The cold one.

“The Honorable Ones” is not a typical episode of Rebels, but it does spotlight the show’s potential. Writer Kevin Hopps put text to subtext, which is all everyone talks about anyway. Last season, I thought Kallus was beginning wonder what he had gotten himself into after the Grand Inquisitor killed two lower level Imperial officers on orders from Tarkin. While stranded on the moon, Kallus told Zeb that the genocide on Lasan was not his idea, and he sounded genuinely ashamed. He also has no clue as to what happened on Geonosis, because he doesn’t ask questions. With bosses like Tarkin, can you blame him?

A number of people praised David Oyelowo’s acting in “The Honorable Ones,” and rightly so. For the most part, he hasn’t been called upon to do a lot of actual acting on Rebels up to this point, but here he showed why someone of his caliber was cast. I would also like to say that Steve Blum took Zeb to new levels. I don’t care what anyone says–voice acting IS acting.


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