Star Wars: Rebels “Homecoming”

Ever since we found out the Hera’s surname is Syndulla, I have wondered when the payoff would come. This season of Rebels has featured a number of callbacks to The Clone Wars series, and so far they have worked, and I have enjoyed them.

Cham Syndulla is an interesting character because his motivations differ from what we are used to in Star Wars. He is no fan of the Empire, but he doesn’t concern himself with the bigger picture of trying to overthrow the government. All he wants is for the Empire to leave his home planet of Ryloth alone.

Kanan is a bit nervous about meeting Cham; partly because the Twi’lek is a hero of the Clone Wars, but mainly because he’s Hera’s father. Or at least that’s how it seems to me. The reason Cham is in “Homecoming” is because the rebels need a place to park their ships, and there is a Imperial carrier floating in space above Ryloth–so problem solved! However, Cham doesn’t want the carrier to leave, and/or be repurposed, he wants to watch it go down in flames.

If you have read Lords of the Sith, you know that Cham considers himself a freedom fighter and not a terrorist. He isn’t out to strike fear into the the hearts of Palpatine and Vader–like that would ever happen. Cham believes that by destroying the carrier, he can then recruit others to the Free Ryloth movement. If you think about it, Cham and his band of freedom fighters bring a different dynamic to the Star Wars galaxy. I like it.


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