Star Wars: Rebels “Legends of the Lasat”

We haven’t learned a whole lot about Zeb, thus far. It’s not that he’s an intergalactic man of mystery, it’s that he doesn’t like to dwell on his past. In “Legends of the Lasat,” we find out why.

One thing we did know about Garazeb Orrelios is that much like the Doctor and the Time Lords, he thought himself to be the last of his kind. Ezra’s contact tipped him of to the whereabouts of some refugees who turn out to be from the planet Lasan. And since Ezra’s contact is Hondo Ohnaka: hilarity ensues.

The refugees, Chava and Gron, have placed their faith in an ancient prophecy that tells of a world called Lia San, but they have no clue as to its location. In a way, it sounds a bit like Battlestar Galactica. Zeb has no use for hokey religions and mumbo jumbo, but Lira San exists.

I’m happy that the inclusion of Hondo didn’t take away from the main story–a little Hondo goes a long way. Writer Matt Michnovetz and director Saul Ruiz, along with voice actor Jim Cummings, found the sweet spot, which made for a memorable story.

Let me add my name to the long list of people love Kevin Kiner’s score for this episode. “Journey into the Star Cluster” has got to be one of the most gorgeous pieces written for any television series or film. Other composers may have overwritten the score, thinking that epic means every instrument in the orchestra, but beauty lies in simplicity.


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