Star Wars: Rebel Jail

After the events of the Vader Down crossover, the Star Wars comic presents us with a less epic story. It’s nice to take it down a notch or two on occasion. If you constantly raise the stakes, you will reach a point where there is no place left to go.

Rebel Jail starts with Star Wars Annual #1, which is more or less a one shot. Or so it seems. Eneb Ray is a rebel spy who is posing as a tax collector on Coruscant. The job is similar to that of a thug employed by Jabba the Hutt, but with a lot less violence. Eneb is less than thrilled about what he has to do to maintain cover, but it’s for the greater good.

I liked this story, and I hope the Star Wars comic continues to present them from time to time. To some it may seem like filler, but what is does is fill in details about the lengths the Rebel Alliance will go to in order to win the war. In a sense it’s not unlike one of the better one off episodes or story arcs from The Clone Wars.

The annual was written by Kieron Gillen, who is the writer of the Darth Vader comic. No offense to the usual Star Wars scribe Jason Aaron, but this was one of the better stories in the series thus far. The art is by Angel Unzueta, and I think he draws the best depiction of Princess Leia in any of the Marvel comics.

In the main story, Leia and Sanna escort Dr. Aphra to a prison that is orbiting a star. The warden claims that no one knows of its existance–and cue the red alert. It seems that someone is trying to break in. Why? Just read the comic and find out.

The final chapter in this collection is actually issue #15, but it was moved to the end for story reasons. It’s another entry from the journals of Ben Kenobi, and I am still ambivalent about the conceit. The depiction of Owen Lars is very much like the one in A New Hope, so at least that hasn’t been retconned. I still wonder why he is always so grumpy. I guess living on Tattooine will do that to you.

Star Wars: Rebel Jail; Writers: Jason Arron, Kieron Gillen; Art: Leinil Yu, Angel Unzueta, Mike Mayhew


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