Star Wars: Rebels “Stealth Strike”

When I saw the preview for “Stealth Strike” on Rebels Recon, I thought it would be an intense episode. Spoiler alert! It isn’t.

Thank the maker.

When Rebels (or The Clone Wars) tries a “comedy” episode, it’s great… As long as it works. I wouldn’t call “Stealth Strike” a straight up comedy, but there is a lot of humor, and most of it is character based. I had a lot of fun while watching, but some others didn’t. Oh well.

The scene from the preview was in the precredit sequence, and it looked amazing. The amimation of the ship being pulled out of hyperspace was so cool! I hope they didn’t blow the budget on this one episode.

There are so many jokes in “Stealth Strike” I’m sure I missed half of them due to my laughter. It’s times like this that I am glad that I watch Rebels alone. All by myself. No one else around. Sometimes a cat.

If I did have a problem with the episode it would be the decision to include a dangerous and powerful weapon in a comedic story. In a different setting, The Interdictor would have made for great drama; on The Clone Wars, it would be a multi-part arc.


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