Star Wars: Rebels “Blood Sisters”

“Blood Sisters” was better at being a Sabine episode than “Wings of the Master” was at being a Hera episode. Just.

First off: Hiding classified intel in a gonk droid? Genius. I never would have thought of that. Once Sabine figures out who (what?) the courrier is, Ketsu Onyo shows up. Who’s that? She’s a bounty hunter who has a bit of history with Sabine. They bailed out of the Imperial Academy together and became bounty hunters. Then one day, Ketsu left Sabine for dead. That’ll get you unfriended.

Ketsu Onyo is voiced by Gina Torres, and it’s to see (or in this case, hear) another Alias alum in the Star Wars galaxy. The plot of “Blood Sisters” is pretty much as expected: Ketsu and Sabine have it out then hug it out, after teaming up to escape the Imperials. Teamwork and friendship win the day. Yay Team Friends!


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