I Have Met the Enemy, and I am It

According to the internet, there is a new TV show called The Great Indoors. It stars Joel McHale, and apparently his character likes to make fun of Millennials. To this I say, “Good.” Having a wall covered in participation ribbons does not exempt you from a generational rite of passage. As a Gen X-er, I grew up watching any number of sitcoms featuring Baby Boomer and/or hippie parents who complained about their kids, and longed for the “good old days.” Generation X has been taking it on the chin (sometimes literally) from Boomers for a long time.

If the worst thing that happens to Millennials is that they get their feelings hurt by a television program, they should consider themselves lucky. Baby Boomers threw the World’s Greatest Party, while Gen X was left to clean up the mess.

Boomers had “free love;” Gen X received free condoms. They took all the good drugs; we were told to “Just say ‘No.'” They had Carnaby St.; we had 21 Jump Street. They had Mopar muscle cars; we had Chrysler K-cars. They had Laugh In; we had Hee Haw. They had Woodstock; we had Woodstock ’99. Jefferson Airplane sang “White Rabbit;” while Starship sang “We Built this City.” Now tell me, who got the better deal?

But in some aspects, I had it better than kids today. Generation X had Michael Jackson, the Millennials have… Umm… Justin Bieber? We had Bill Cosby before we found out what a piece of work he is. We have Joan Jett, they have Avril Lavigne. Oh, and if you think Nickelback sucks, you should listen to Creed.

Or not. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

As much as I hate to admit it, the faults we see in Millennials (real or perceived) are the direct result of the actions of Generation X. Face it folks: we failed them. Has your kid ever asked, “Who’s Paul McCartney?” Well, the fault doesn’t lie with the school system or the government. Generation X failed the Millennials just like the Baby Boomers failed Gen X. As Josephine the plumber used to say: “Shit runs downhill.”


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