Star Wars: Kanan – The Last Padawan

As you may have guessed, I am a fan of Star Wars: Rebels. The series, in part, is about the journey of Ezra Bridger; a former street rat with Force abilities, who is being mentored by a former member of the Jedi Order: Kanan Jarrus. Except that Kanan Jarrus is an alias. His birth name is Caleb Dume.

The Last Padawan starts off during the time period of the Rebels TV series. Fulcrum has given the crew of the Ghost a mission. They are to pick up supplies for the residents of Tarkintown, which sounds easy enough. The catch is that the supplies are on Kaller. What’s that got to do with anything? Kaller is the planet Caleb and Jedi Master Depa Billaba were on when Darth Sidious instructed the clone troopers to kill the Jedi. So yeah, Kanan has bad memories of the place.

The story flashes back to when Caleb, Depa, and a squad of clone troopers were fighting Separatist forces on Kaller. This mission comprises issue one, and was a clever idea by writer Greg Weisman. This way we get to see Jedi and clones fighting alongside one another, and it felt like I was watching an episode of The Clone Wars. Clone officers Commander Grey and Captian Styles have a close relationship with Depa and Caleb, just as Rex and Cody did with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Obviously, all that changes.

If you have watched Rebels, you know that when Order 66 was executed, Master Billaba told Caleb to run away. The Last Padawan explains what happened next. Basically, Caleb tried stay one step ahead of the Empire. In a sense, young Caleb is not that different than Ezra, or Temmin Wexley from the Aftermath novels. By that I mean each of them did what they had to in order to survive.

The Kanan comic book series ran for twelve issues, the first six of which are collected in The Last Padawan. In issue six, the story returns to the “present,” and ends on a cliffhanger. Thankfully, I purchased both volumes at the same time, and now I’m off to read First Blood. I’ll be back next week–I’m a slow reader.
Star Wars: Kanan – The Last Padawan

Writer: Greg Weisman; Artists: Pepe Larraz and Jacopo Camagni; Colorist David Curiel


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