Allegiant (Blu-ray review)

Yeah, I like The Divergent Series–wanna fight about it? Just because other young adult films are “better,” that doesn’t mean that I have to hate everything else. I like The Divergent Series for what it is; I don’t dislike it for what it isn’t.

It seems that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side; there’s just more of it. And it’s well manicured. Allegiant picks up not too long after Insurgent, and the trials of the traitors has begun. That’s if you can really call them “trials.” Evelyn (Naomi Watts) is now in charge, which may or may not be an unintended consequence of her revenge plot against the now dead Janine (Kate Winslet). Johanna, (Octavia Spencer) the former leader of Amity, doesn’t like how things are going, and she’s willing to go to war. Some things in Chicago never change.

Tris, (Shailene Woodley) Four, (Theo James) and a few others decide to go over the wall and find out who’s behind this mess. That would be David (Jeff Daniels). Many years ago, scientists started fiddling with DNA, hoping they could weed out “undesirable” traits. Everything went sideways, and the “Purity Wars” wiped out most of the population. The Bureau of Genetic Welfare was created, and the Faction system became their one great hope. At least we got some answers about that.

I think Allegiant was not quite as good as Insurgent, but it avoided the more clunky elements of Divergent. As is the case with so many young adult series, the final book was split into two parts. In the case of The Divergent Series, the filmmakers avoided calling them Part 1 and Part 2, but rather gave them individual titles. Allegiant keeps the name of the novel by Veronica Roth, and the fourth installment will be called Ascendant, which is not a bad name at all.

The problem with turning one book into two movies is that the first one can be all set up, while the last one can be all payoff, which is kind of how Mockingjay felt. I haven’t read Allegiant, so I don’t know how the stoyline worked. For the most part, the movie felt like it had a true beginning, middle, and end. Like the first two entries, Allegiant the film ends with the audience knowing that there is more to come.


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