Star Wars: Rebels “Vision of Hope”

Everyone remembers their first Force vision; I know that Ezra Bridger won’t forget his. “Vision of Hope” is about trust, and the lessons you learn along the way. This wasn’t a “very special episode,” but it was an important one.

During lightsaber training, Ezra has a vision of Gall Trayvis. In his vision, the senator-in-exile is on the run from the Empire, and he claims to have knowledge about Ezra’s parents. Of course it would turn out to be a trap. It’s always a trap. But no one knew it at the time–most of all, me.

In a way, this was an Ezra and Hera episode of Rebels, and it’s about time. Hera has the potential to be an excellent mentor to Ezra when it comes to the non-Jedi stuff.

Like Ezra, Hera hoped Trayvis was the person that the nascent rebellion needed him to be. If you have read A New Dawn, you know that Hera travelled the galaxy looking for like-minded people to fight the Empire. She would observe them covertly, and if they seemed legit, she would approach them. If she felt they could be useful, she would try to recruit them. If not, she would walk away.

Hera saw through Lando’s b.s. straight away, but it took a while for her to figure out Trayvis wasn’t who he pretended to be. The revelation that Trayvis was actually working for the Empire to stamp out the rebellion before it starts was a hard fact for Hera to grasp. The end of the episode with Hera and Ezra sitting on the landing ramp of the Ghost was a bit sad, but the two of them will grow stronger from this experience.

I would like to take a moment to discuss Agent Kallus and the Grand Inquisitor. This was the episode where the cracks in their relationship were very apparent. That is, if they had an actual relationship. The two of them have different assignments, and that means they are often at odds with one another. Kallus wants to stop the insurgency before it becomes a full blown rebellion, while the Inquisitor’s only concern is the Jedi and his apprentice. They have a sort of Tarkin/Vader thing from A New Hope going on. The Inquisitor was given a mission by Darth Vader, and it is not what Agent Kallus signed on for. This cannot end well.


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