Star Wars: Rebels “Gathering Forces”

This episode of Star Wars: Rebels could have been called, “Ezra Unleashed”–for more than one reason. The kid laid into Tseebo for abandoning the Bridger family when they needed him most. I felt so bad for the Rodian, since it was not at all his fault. There was nothing he could do when the Imperials took Ezra’s parents away. He did attempt to make up for it by joining the Empire, and volunteering for the cybernetic implant.

In Ezra’s defense: he is only young. I can understand his rage, however misplaced it may be. I’ve been there, and it’s not a good place to be.

Long story short: Kanan had another one of his “You’re gonna do what?!” moments. He and Ezra took the Phantom out of hyperspace in order to lead Kallus and the Grand Inquisitor off Tseebo’s trail. Their desination is Fort Anaxes, and you can guess what Kanan is planning.

Once they arrived at the fort, Kanan thought this would be a good a time as any to teach Ezra a lesson about letting go and becoming one with someone else. Or in this case–something else. And by “something else,” I mean fyrnocks. For some reason, I keep wanting to type “Frylocks.” Weird, huh?

Kanan knew that he and Ezra were no match for the enemy, so he thought the creatures would even the score. It’s a bit like the episode of The Clone Wars called “Innocents of Ryloth,” but in reverse. Of course it didn’t go as planned.

Ezra was terrified, not only of the fyrnocks, but of the information Tseebo had about his parents. Once he learned to let go of his fear, he held the fyrnocks at bay. More importantly–he forgave Tseebo. The Rodian sensed this, and a load was taken off his overburdened, cybernetically enhanced brain.

Once the Grand Inquisitor arrived at Fort Anaxes, (I keep wanting to type “Abraxes”) the plan worked. For a while. Kanan and the Inquisitor had their second lightsaber duel, and it went about as well for Kanan as the first one did.

That’s when Ezra used the nuclear option. He unwittingly tapped into the Dark Side of the Force, and unleashed the mother of all fyrnocks. This allowed Kanan and Ezra to escape–just.

While Kanan and Ezra were off on their little adventure, Hera met up with Fulcrum. Tseebo went with the mysterious Rebel agent, because the intel in his head is important to the cause. Before departing, the Rodian divulged something important, that we the audience weren’t privvy to: the fate of Mr. and Mrs. Bridger. So now, Hera knows.

Final note: Lucasfilm Animation does a great job of casting voice actors, and this two part story was no exception. Peter MacNicol provided the voice of Tseebo, and I thought he was outstanding.


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