Star Wars: Rebels “Empire Day”

Ezra is very distracted. Today is not a good day. It’s the fifteenth anniversary of the fall of the Republic. It also happens to be Ezra’s birthday–his fifteenth. Damn. Just damn. Sucks to be you, kid.

Kanan and Ezra spot a group of TIE Fighters flying way out in the middle of nowhere, so they set out to investigate. And where better to start than the local watering hole? Kanan is the coolest Jedi Master ever. Even cooler than Kit Fisto.

It seems that the Empire has misplaced a Rodian. Well, good luck trying to find him.
This particular Rodian is called Tseebo, and he was a friend of Ezra’s parents, Ephraim and Mira Bridger. The Bridgers used pirate broadcasts to speak out against the Empire. When Ezra was seven, his parents were taken into custody, and he ended up on the street.

After the Bridgers were captured, Tseebo joined the Empire, and volunteered for a cybernetic implant, which is similar to the device Lobot has in The Empire Strikes Back. Tseebo’s implant contains Emperor Palpatine’s half-decade at a glance calendar. On the agenda are plans for the Outer Rim, including a TIE Fighter factory on Lothal. Yay jobs!

How Tseebo escaped remains a mystery, since there is only so much that can be crammed into a twenty-two minute episode. The thing about Rebels is that most episodes feel like they are ten minutes long. What we do know is that Tseebo knows what happened to Ezra’s parents.

To be continued….


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