Star Wars: Rebels “Out of Darkness”

For a nice change of pace, we are treated to an episode of Star Wars: Rebels that features Hera and Sabine. How do I say this without sounding creepy? I really like Sabine. Not in the way Ezra does, but more in the “I think she’s really cool” way. I am hoping that the series will explore her backstory more as time goes on.

In “Out of Darkness,” the mysterious person known as “Fulcrum” tells Hera that she can pick up some much needed supplies at an abandoned base called Fort Anaxes. Sabine tags along, since she wants to learn more about this Fulcrum character. Hera keeps telling Sabine that information about Fulcrum is on a strictly “need to know” basis, and this doesn’t sit well with the young Mandalorian.

It’s at this point I should mention the eariler in the episode, the Phantom was damaged, and is leaking fuel. Zeb and Ezra were tasked with running a diagnostic check on the shuttle, but Chopper went all Chopper, and one thing led to another… You can guess the rest.

The “need to know” thing is bugging Sabine, and she keeps asking questions that are above her pay grade. That is, if she was actually getting paid. She tells Hera that it’s like being in the Imperial Academy all over again. Wait what?! That’s interesting. There has got to be a story there.


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