Star Wars: Rebels “Fighter Flight”

Humor has always been a part of Star Wars. Sometimes it works: Han Solo during the “prisoner transfer” in A New Hope. Sometimes it doesn’t: Jar Jar Binks. Being a Disney XD series, I was afraid Rebels would fall into the latter catagory.

Much like The Doctor, I hate funny robots. Thankfully, Chopper is a droid and not a robot. I feel the same way about Chopper that Luke Skywalker felt about C-3PO in The Weapon of a Jedi: Whoever built the droid must have installed some of its circuits upside down.

I like the serialized nature of Rebels, and how one episode can lead can lead into the next. In “Fighter Flight,” Ezra keeps bringing up that he saved Zeb’s bacon, while Zeb wishes the kid would shut up about it. Hera is fed up with the pair, so she sends them on a supply run, which includes a meiloorun fruit for herself. Ezra and Zeb soon find out that meiloorun isn’t native to Lothal, but they do run across a container filled with them.

However, there is a hitch. The fruit are property of the Empire. Ezra and Zeb decide to steal the fruit, hilarity ensues, then Zeb shipjacks a TIE fighter–as you do.

If Hera’s intention was for Ezra and Zeb to bond while on a wild fruit chase, she kind of succeeded. But not in the way she intended. For my money, there is no better way to for people bond than by getting into trouble. Trust falls and ziplining don’t work. If you really want to get to know someone, commit grand theft TIE fighter together.

Update: For some technical reason beyond my control, the XD in Disney XD occasionally appears as an emoji. It ain’t me folks.



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