Star Wars: Rebels ” Droids in Distress”

The distressed droids in the title of this episode of Star Wars: Rebels are R2-D2 and C3P-O. It was only a matter of time before they showed up. That’s not to say that they were shoehorned into the story–quite the opposite. “Droids in Distress” was a strong episode, but it had nothing to do with our favorite pair of bickering droids.

As sometimes happens in Star Wars . . . Wait a minute . . . I forgot that I wrote these posts before I read A New Dawn. I was about to say something that wouldn’t have made sense; but what else is new? Give me a minute.

Okay. Fixed it.

Speaking of low: the Ghost is running low on supplies. Kanan decided to take a job that Vizago had mentioned. Of course it was dangerous, and possibly a trap. The job was stealing weapons from the Empire. What could go wrong?

Zeb was none too thrilled at the prospect of becoming arms dealers. Kanan took the pragmatic approach: at least the Empire wouldn’t be the ones using them. That’s something, I guess.

At it turns out, Zeb wasn’t wrong about his concerns. The weapons in question were T-7 Ion Disruptors–a weapon that can take out an armored vehicle. Just imagine what something that powerful could do to a living being. On second thought: don’t.

These were the same type of weapons the Imperials used against the inhabitants of Zeb’s home planet of Lasan. Lasats–like Wookiees–are large beings, so you can see why the Empire would have to use something with a bit of firepower.

The look of the Lasats was based on one of Ralph McQuarrie’s original designs for Chewbacca. In fact, a lot of McQuarrie’s unused artwork has been incorperated on Rebels, to great effect.

As per usual, there was a snag with the mission: Threepio alerted the Empire to the rebels location. It’s a long story involving Artoo and his “secret mission.” Agent Kallus shows up and he wants the T-7s back. He also brought along a weapon of his own: a bo-rifle. This is the weapon of the Lasan Honor Guard, and Zeb was a member.

Zeb and Kallus got into a battle with one another. The Lasat was getting was getting his rear handed to him, when Ezra stepped in. Sort of. Ezra was angry and Force-pushed Kallus out of the way.

Artoo suggested that Sabine could overload the T-7s and use them as bombs. That worked a treat. Sabine couldn’t blow all of them up, because Vizago made off with half the shipment. I hope he finds a good home for them.

Speaking of home: the droids were returned to their rightful owner, who happens to be Senator Bail Organa. It turns out that Artoo’s secret mission was not only to keep the T-7s out of the hands of the Empire, but to collect intel on the rebels, as well. Hmm….


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