I Watched Wynonna Earp, and it was Pretty Good

When I heard that Syfy had a new series called “Wynonna Earp,” I thought, “That’s insane–I must watch it!” After a bit of Googling, I went on the internet to do some research about the show. Turns out, it’s based on an IDW comic book by Beau Smith and Joyce Chen. I decided to give the pilot episode, “Purgatory,” a shot, figuring it couldn’t do any further damage to my cerebral cortex.

You know what? Wynonna Earp is kinda fun! It reminds me of those late Twentieth Century syndicated series that aired during weekend afternoons on channels that didn’t have anything else better to broadcast–but in a good way. You know what I’m talking about; those shows like Renegade or VIP that felt like they shot thirteen episodes in thirteen days. Or was it thirteen hours? However, Wynonna Earp has more heart, humor, and charm that most of those other Canadian crank-outs combined.

Back in the day, the formula for this type of series was to hire a “name” lead, (Lorenzo Lamas, Pamela Andeson, etc.) and surround them with capable unknowns. In Wynonna Earp, Melanie Scrofano plays the lead, and all I know about her is that she was on a few episodes of Being Erica (I do like me some Canadian TV). As a character, Wynonna does have elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Scrofano’s performance also reminds me Lena Heady in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, if Sarah was far less serious and had a sense of irony. And bragged about being crazy good in bed.

The basic premise of Wynonna Earp revolves her family’s legacy as demom hunters. Yes, I just typed that sentence. When the heir to Wyatt Earp’s revolver turns twenty-seven(?) they have to do battle with the demon versions of the seventy-seven souls the famous lawman laid to rest. And what a revolver it is. Colt calls it the “Peacemaker,” I call it the “Overcompensator,” but that’s my burden to bear. Yes, the series does sound convoluted, but that is what you want from this type of show.

As for the supporting cast, they include Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Wynonna’s sister, Waverly, who has her own version of Chloe Sullivan’s “Wall of Weird,” on which she has tacked as much Earp family history as room will allow. Tim Rozon plays Doc Holliday, and I have no idea which side he’s on, or if he is playing one side agaist the other. Shamier Anderson plays Xavier Dolls, a government agent that deals with the paranormal. I almost said “Supernatural,” but that’s a totally different show. I doubt that Syfy will still be making new episodes of Wynonna Earp in ten years time, but that’s okay. Not every series can go on forever.


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