Deadpool (review)

Like a number of other reviewers, I should mention that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a Waffle House fire, disguised as a movie. Ryan Reynolds was very good as Wade Wilson, but whoever that was in the third act, was not Deadpool. I should also mention that the Merc with the Sewn Shut Mouth is referenced in the current Deadpool film–and so are a number of other superhero movies.

The marketing for Deadpool has been nothing short of genius. But when it came to the trailers, (including the “red band” version) I was holding out hope that the filmmakers were keeping the good stuff for the actual movie. I thought there was some funny stuff, but nothing blew me away.

I have held a deep desire to see Deadpool ever since the proof of concept footage “leaked” online. As time wore on, I couldn’t help but worry. Considering the fact that this was the same studio that dumped the clusterfornication that is the latest Fantastic Four film upon us, this is understandable. However, I didn’t walk into the theatre thinking that 20th Century Fox had something to prove to me. I just didn’t want to be let down.

I chuckled during the opening credits–once you see them, you’ll understand. Thankfully, it only took a couple of minutes for Deadpool, the character, to win me over. The crazy thing is, he did it with two words: “Mama June.” After that–I was all in, and ready to go on one wild ride.

For such a hilarious and violent film, there is a love story that is told in Deadpool. I think that long after the laughter has faded, and the in-jokes have to be Googled to be understood, Deadpool will be remembered not only as the most romantic superhero movie ever, but also as a great romantic film–period.

Yeah, that’s a bit of a stretch. Note that I didn’t say “romantic comic book movie,” since Blue is the Warmest Color is based on a graphic novel. I wonder what Deadpool would have to say about that film. Never mind. I can imagine.

Anyhoo… Back to Deadpool. Morena Baccarin plays Wade’s fiance, Vanessa Carlysle, and she is the secret weapon of the movie. What makes Wade and Vanessa a great couple is that his crazy and her crazy compliment one another. They fit together like two puzzle pieces. I know that I’ll never develop superpowers, or be as rich as Tony Stark, but maybe–just maybe–I can find my other piece of the puzzle. Until then, I’ll be on the lookout for radioactive spiders.


One thought on “Deadpool (review)

  1. I was super careful to not have seen one trailer nor any leaked footage of Deadpool before I went to see it in theatres. I did not want to be disappointed and it worked.
    And HAH for “clusterfornication” – could not find a better word to describe the …disaster that was the remake of Fantastic Four.
    I bet Fox wasn’t even expecting Deadpool to be this big.


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