Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It seems that winter has officially arrived, which will probably cheer up the people around here. Why? I have no idea. I don’t like bundling up, but I look so good in winter clothing; isn’t that ironic?

It was like forty-something degrees this morning, and I saw some dude wearing shorts–there’s one in every crowd. Why? I didn’t ask, and I didn’t care. I’ve known people like that for as long as I’ve known people. I heard about this one guy who wore shorts year ’round, because one time some woman said he had nice legs.

There are some people who drive around with their windows down or the doors off on their Jeep because they are getting ready for hunting season. I am not anti-hunting, I am just anti-freezing. Just because you are in “training” doesn’t mean I should have to dress like a mountain climber while carpooling to work.

One thing I do like about winter is sitting by a warm fire and watching NFL games that are being played in a blizzard. It also helps to have a warm beverage. During these games the linemen for the home team usually play with bare arms in order to “intimidate” the opposition. This is especially true if the other team is from a warm weather city or play home game beneath a dome. Does this actually work? I have no idea. I always find this funny because once on the sidlines, these players are usually found gathered around a heater. I don’t know what the big deal is. Didn’t they ever see those NFL Films programs with the Vince Lombardi era Green Bay Packers on the sidelines, standing around while wearing long coats? I miss those.

The same goes for soccer. A lot of players are criticized for wearing long sleeves–God forbid if they are also wearing gloves. Of course, most of the supporters at the match are wearing scarves and drinking hot tea. Or Bovril.

I’m probably going to get in trouble for this, but here goes: I once worked in a place that was not unlike the TV series The Office. I didn’t work in the office, I was on the manufacturing side of the building. Some of the women who worked in the office would wear short skirts year round. There is nothing wrong with that, and it was none of my business. I just found it funny that when they would come over to the other side, they would be wearing parkas or North Face jackets. One would even wrap up in a blanket. Once again: none of my business.


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