Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run (Discussion and Spoilers)

As I keep mentioning, the novels in the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens series contain clues to the new film. So, what clues does Smuggler’s Run by Greg Rucka contain? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t even have tickets. Yet. Get back to me when the blu-ray comes out.

But seriously, I think I have an idea or two. The story is bookended by Han’s encounter with bounty hunters, which I guess means he and Chewie are up to their old tricks. I also think the speculation is true that Han and Leia split up at some point in the past thirty-something years.

It seems that Chewie did receive a medal after the Battle of Yavin. Yay! I don’t hate the Special Editions as much as some people do; they have their good points. But George Lucas should have sorted this out.

Maybe the Shrikes will be mentioned by name in The Force Awakens. Maybe not. If I were a betting person, I would say that if they were to get a name drop, it would be in Rogue One.

The most interesting new character in Smuggler’s Run was Commander Alecia Beck of the Imperial Security Bureau. She is described as being tall and having blonde hair. In The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma is played by Gwendoline Christie, who is tall and has blonde hair. Coincidence? Probably. But if I am correct, you heard it here first.

Unless of course, you didn’t.


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