Classic Doctor Who: I Really Didn’t Put Much Thought Into This

Those of you who have been following my journey through the classic Doctor Who stories know all about my plan to watch them chronologically… Sort of. When I started this mess the first available Patrick Troughton story was “The Tomb of the Cybermen.” Since then, “The Moonbase” has been released–but I haven’t seen it. Then the BBC announced that “The Underwater Menace” (which is the one before “The Moonbase”) was on the way. It sat on my Amazon wish list for over a year, when out of the blue the BBC said, “On second thought…” Why? Who knows? I spent all this time waiting on “The Underwater Menace” when I could have watched “The Moonbase” and proceeded with my life. But no. Then again, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. How so? I’ll come back to it.

For those of you who are not familiar with “The Moonbase”–it’s a Cybermen story. Last night I finished “Revenge of the Cybermen” starring Tom Baker. The next Colin Baker story I will watch is “Attack of the Cybermen.” Anyone else see a pattern here or am I being paranoid? Again. Don’t worry, I’m going to do a Tom Emanski and go back to back to back. I learned my lesson by watching three straight Master stories: “The Keeper of Traken,” “Logopolis,” and “Castrovalva;” which I still maintain sounds like a brand of motor oil.

I will mix in other stories; one of them being “The Visitation.” Those of you who are familiar with Doctor Who chronology know that the next Peter Davison story after “The Visitation” is “Black Orchid.” Well… I actually bought that one years ago. Hey, it’s a two part story and it was cheap and I had spent the morning drinking at the pub and Arsenal probably lost that day, as they almost always do when I go to the pub, and I am glad that the bartender hasn’t noticed the pattern since he’s from North London and could totally kick my ass if he wasn’t so darn nice.

In addition, my purchase of “Black Orchid” made my Doctor Who DVD shelf look way less sparse. All this means that after “The Visitation” my next Peter Davison story will be “Earthshock,” which some say is the best Cybermen story, and it has nothing to to wih Cybermen and everything to do with the demise of Adric. Spoiler alert.

Back to the Troughton thing: I am trying to rotate the stories so that I don’t watch too many of them with one incarnation of the Doctor in a short period of time; kind of like I did with the Master. I think you know what I mean. Probably not.

I thought I was doing pretty well; then I ran the numbers. I am about halfway through the available William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton stories. Oof. When I said I loved the black and white era of Doctor Who, I wasn’t kidding. I could buy the CDs of the missing stories, but I am on a budget. I want to watch the ones I can on DVD, before switching to audio. As a stop gap, I am going to get the “Lost in Time” collection. When will I get it? No idea. It’s on my Amazon wish list. Maybe some kind soul will give it to me this Christmas. Or on my birthday. Or not.

This just in: “The Underwater Menace” is back on again. Woo?


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