Tomorrowland (Review)

Disney’s live action films have always been hit or miss. For every Mary Poppins or Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a The Lone Ranger, or any of the Pirates sequels. As a kid, I enjoyed the Disney movies featuring Don Knotts, but I have no idea if they still hold up today. I also liked The Black Hole, and I wonder if the remake is on its way. I know there isn’t going to be a third Tron film, so that may very well answer my query.

I’l get this out of the way: Tomorrowland is a good film. I wouldn’t call it a “must see;” you can wait until it shows up on the Disney Channel. Tomorrowland itself is stunning; what you get to see of it. I didn’t see in in 3D, but it would have been worth it for the swimming pool scene. It was like nothing I have ever seen. Imagine those old Disney films where Walt has models and concept art for Tomorrowland, and then add in a Calvin Klein cologne commercial, and you have barely scratched the surface.

Flash back to the 1964 World’s Fair, where young Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson) is trying to win fifty bucks in a compitition for inventors with his jet pack built from an Electrolux vacuum cleaner, which is not a device used for cleaning vacuums. He fails to impress David Nix (Hugh Laurie, using his normal, British accent, since he is the villain). He does impress a young girl called Athena, (Raffey Cassidy) who gives Frank a small badge with the letter T upon it. And the adventure begins.

In what I assume is present day Florida–it’s Florida, one can never tell–Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is upset that her dad (Tim McGraw) a NASA engineer is about to lose his job, so she goes on covert missions to sabotage the equipment used to tear down the facility.

Casey is smart and the adults around her are not. They all talk about how the world is in it’s last days, yet none of them have a clue as to how to fix it. This being Florida, I expected there to be a “Come to Jesus” moment, but this is a godless Hollywood movie and we are all doomed to Hell for watching it; everyone say, “Amen.”

Casey’s real good at fixing things, and sciencey stuff. She rides a motorcycle, but she’s not a Daughter of Anarchy, or anything like that. During a later scene, the present day Frank, (George Clooney) is attenpting to kickstart his old motorcycle, and Casey is being helpful by saying stuff like, “Have you checked the points?” All valid observations. It reminded me of the scene in Nymphomaniac where Jerome was trying to start his moped, and Joe switches the fuel shutoff valve to the “on” position. It also remined me to never watch a Lars von Trier film, and a Disney movie in the same week again.

Back to where I was: Casey acquires a T badge, and gets a glimpse of Tomorrowland. This leads her to the internet, where, with the help of her brother, Nate, (Pierce Gagnon) she finds a shop in Houston called Blast to the Past, that may have some answers.

This seems to be a lot of peoples favorite scene. Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key play the shop owners, and they are a hoot. If you didn’t know that Disney now owns the Star Wars rights before seeing Tomorrowland, you will afterward. Funny thing is; the only Marvel merch I spotted was for the X-Men. There were toy robots from some old sci-fi films, but nary a Dalek. I guess they learned from the Warner Bros. debacle.

During a laser gun battle, Casey meets Athena, who takes Casey to meet Frank, and the adventure to sort out Tomorrowland sets off in earnest. I won’t go any further because spoilers. I will return with a spoiler filled discussion for those of you, like me, who are waiting on Jurassic World and have nothing better to do.


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