Mad Max: Fury Road and the Battle of the Box Office

The first question I asked myself after watching Mad Max: Fury Road was: “Well, did it live up to the hype?” The short answer is : Yes. It didn’t surpass the hype, but how could it? Even the less hyperbolic reviews were effusive with praise.

On more than one occasion, I described the second Transformers movie as “Sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (I am nothing if not unoriginal.) It was a noisy and numbing experience. Fury Road is loud, bombastic, and way-over-the-top; but in a good way. In the Eighties, I watched the Mad Max films, while the generation that came after me was watching the Transformers animated TV series. Having never watched the show or played with the toys, I have no allegience to Optimus Prime, et al. People seem to enjoy the Transformers films–if the box office receipts are to be believed. I had no idea if anyone would want to revisit the world of Mad Max thirty years after the previous installment. Talk about Beyond Thunderdome.

Yes, I really do need an editor.

Or a joke writer.

I was concerned that for the third summer in a row, Warner Bros. would have an excellent film that didn’t quite make as much money as it deserved. The previous two being: Pacific Rim, and Edge of Tomorrow. Some people on various social media platforms have tried to brand Fury Road a flop, simply because it finished a distant second to Pitch Perfect 2 on its opening weekend. I am by no means an expert, but by doing a bit of what I like to call “research,” I saw that Pitch Perfect 2 made more on its debut weekend than Pitch Perfect did during its entire theatrical run. If anything, PP2 overachieved since it made nearly double its projection. But then again, math was never my strong suit.

Tomorrowland opens this weekend, but it has received mixed reviews at best. It’s a Disney film, so everyone is required by law to see it, despite what the critics say. How will Fury Road stack up against Tomorrowland? I have no clue. Maybe Fury Road will be one of those movies like Kingsmen: The Secret Service that never held the top slot, but hung around in the top five for a very long time.


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