The Avengers’ Secret Weapon

In the previous issue… (I always wanted to write that) I discussed rewatching The Avengers. There is an inherent danger in watching a film too many times; yes, there is such a thing. You can spot things that you missed the first time, but you can also see things that aren’t there. For example: The “ghost” in 3 Men and a Baby. I saw the movie in the theatre, (I’m old) and noticed the cardboard cutout of Ted Danson’s character, but didn’t think anything about it or the movie until decades later when the ghost theories popped up on the Internet, as they do.

There is a theory that Ferris Bueller is was a figment of Cameron Frye’s imagination, similar to Tyler Durden in Fight Club. The film that has the most wacky theories surrounding it, both in number and in bat guano craziness, has to be Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Someone made a film about the theories and theorists called, Room 237. I haven’t seen it, and I am not sure I want to.

So, what did I learn from The Avengers this time? Something I already kind of knew: I really like Black Widow. No, not in a “Scarlett Johansson is so hot” way, but in a “I like Natasha Romanoff” way.

I guess the first few time I saw The Avengers, I got caught up in the action and Whedonesque jokes, and didn’t pay attention to to the details. With all that other stuff going on it’s easy to forget that Natasha was the one that tricked Loki into revealing his evil plot. Or that it was her that shut down the Tessaract device doohickey. Oh, and she also knocked some sense into Hawkeye, which may be her greatest accomplishment.

Black Widow/Natalie Rushman was one of the few highlights of Iron Man 2, and it was a no-brainer to include her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, especially since Agent 13 hadn’t been on screen prior to that film. (In the comic book version of The Winter Soldier, Agent 13 played a significant role.)

It was great that Black Widow got quite a bit of screen time in Age of Ultron. She will also be appearing in Captain America: Civil War, but so is almost everyone else, possibly even Spider-Man.

All this is wonderful, except for the fact that I, and millions of others, would like for Black Widow to get her own solo film. Maybe if the Captain Marvel film does gangbuster business, there could be an outside possibility of it happening. Theoretically.

At this point, there isn’t even a whole lot of Black Widow merchandise on the shelves. Why? I guess Disney doesn’t like money. With the aquisition of the Star Wars franchise, and all the new female characters that will be introduced, surely there will be action figures. In the Seventies and Eighties, truckloads of Princess Leia action figures were sold, and not all of them to girls. I bought a few myself, but not any from Return of the Jedi. I was fifteen at the time and that would have been just creepy. It would be even more creepy now at forty-seven.

On that note, I think I will leave now.


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