The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Now with spoilers)

I really did enjoy The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Seriously. But, for however many words I ramble on for, it may not seem like it.

I shall start at the beginning. The Avengers raid a HYDRA base so that they can retrieve Loki’s scepter. (Not an euphemism.) So it appears that the war with HYDRA that took up so much time in Captain America: The Winter Solder, is over with in what, ten minutes? Wow. Just wow. It’s almost as if Marvel created this whole plot just so Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would have something to put on televion for a year. Nah. Can’t be. Not even I am that cynical.

Did Ultron go evil early or what? I mean right out of the gate. Would it have been a better film if Ultron started out good and went around being all Avenger-y, while everyone sat around Avengers Tower, drinking beer and watching the on monitors? No. No it wouldn’t.

But then again…

Seriously though, I give Joss Whedon full marks for dispensing with the pointless “Ultron is good right until he isn’t” nonsense. It makes sense if you pay attention to Ultron’s opening monologue. Well, it makes sense to him and his twisted artificial intelligence. James Spader makes such a great villain, do we really want to see him as a nice guy? He would probably be a lot like Eddie Haskell.

You know…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe suffers from a bad case of “NERD syndrome.” NERD stands for: No one Ever Really Dies. For example: Agent Coulson. Well, he’s only alive on TV; he’s still dead in the movies. I wonder how long that will last. If he does pop up in say Captain America: Civil War, or The Avengers: Infinity War, part one or two, it will just give the Avengers another reason to be pissed off at Nick Fury. Maybe, Fury will step aside at some point and Coulson will be the head guy what’s in charge. Or not. Just spitballing.

When someone actually died in a Marvel film, it turned out to be Quicksilver. We hardly got to know him, and now he’s gone. But at least we still have the X-Men version. But the X-Men are without a Scarlet Witch. For now anyway. Maybe Fox and Marvel decided to split the twins. Or not. All I know is: it’s complicated.


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