The Imitation Game (The Counterarguement)

Spoilers beyond this point.

Benedict Cumberbatch was absolutely the correct choice to play Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. Yes, he does get typecast as highly intelligent men who are often hard to get along with, but it that such a bad thing? In flashbacks, or are they flashbacks within flashbacks? Hmm… The younger Turing, played by Alex Lawther, comes across as autistic, or maybe he has OCD. There is a scene in the school’s dining hall where young Alan is separating his peas and carrots on his plate. There is no evidence that Turing was autistic, but some believe that it would explain his behavior, especially when dealing with others. It seems that some people must have an explanation for everything, and that explanation usually involves a mental condition. Others, including myself, feel that Turing didn’t have time for idle chit-chat, or conversations he deemed unimportant.

Then there is what has been dubbed “The Rain Man Effect” by a person posting at The author of the post writes that many who have seen Rain Man assume that every autistic person is like Raymond, when most are not. It is wrong to think that every person with autism is a genius, and it’s also wrong to think that every genius is autistic. Or that their intelligence comes from bad wiring. Or that their distributor is a couple of notches out of sync. I could go on.

Then there is the theory linking homosexuality and intelligence. One article I read tries to say that homosexuals have overcame the genetic need to reproduce that is hard wired into our DNA. Is this plausible? I’m not smart enough to say. Then there was this part about how sisters of gay men are more fertile, which more than makes up for the children their brothers will never father, which reminds me: Never date a woman who has a gay brother. That, or get a vascectomy. Or, at the very least, double bag it.

We know for a fact that Alan Turing was both smart and gay, but does that mean the two are linked? Once again, not the brightest light in the motel sign. I have known any number of very smart people, and not all of them were gay. However, the gay people I have known were rather clever. Hmm… By this rationale, that would mean that there are no stupid people who are gay. Can this be true? I’m not about to go around asking stupid people if they are gay, since I don’t have enough time to get around to every idiot. Besides, that’s a sure way to suffer a beatdown. That being said, the answer to the question may reside in the fact that I have seen gay Redneck porn.

Don’t ask.


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