Sports Leftovers 2014

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of college football. One reason is the NCAA. I will give them credit for FINALLY figuring out that a playoff is a good thing. But of course, I am writing this before the games take place, so I reserve the right to complain at a later date.

One of the arguements spewed forth by those who supported the BCS system, was that a playoff would make the other bowl games irrelevant. I don’t think Western Kentucky and Central Michigan got that message, as anyone who saw the Bahamas Bowl can attest to.

Speaking of football, I wish people would get off Jurgen Klinsmann’s back for saying that the US Men’s National Team didn’t have a chance at winning the World Cup this year? Would you rather him lie? Sports pundits love to go on and on about how coaches should dispense with the “coachspeak” and tell it like it is, then when someone tells it like it is, everyone gets mad. After the US made the quarterfinals in 2002, the media that covers soccer once every four years had overoptimistic expectations for 2006, without bothering to notice that the Americans had been drawn into the Group of Death. Now it seems that the American media has become as delusional as the English fans.

Speaking of England, there has been a very vocal number of Arsenal supporters that have been calling for the firing of manager Arsene Wenger. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about the subject. On the one hand, it has been a miserable near decade; last season’s FA Cup victory aside. But on the other hand, who do they replace Wenger with?

I was never a fan of of former Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, mainly because I lived through his previous tenure. The Braves won something like fourteen straight division titles; a feat that may never be repeated. But you can bet that if it does happen again, whichever team that does it will have more than a single World Series victory to show for it.

Since Wenger took over Arsenal, a few months into the 1996-97 season, the club has won the Premier League three times, including the undefeated season in 2003-04; won the FA Cup five times in six appearances; lost the League Cup Final twice; lost the UEFA Cup Final once; qualified for Champions League every season since 1998, and lost in the Final in 2006. A lot of the fans of any number of clubs would like to have a run like that. Yet… We Gooners want more.


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