Gone Girl v Cool Girl

Spoiler Alert!

For many of us who read Gone Girl before seeing the film, one of the most anticipated parts had to be Amy’s “Cool Girl” monologue/diatribe. It may not be the modern day John Galt’s speech, but what it lacks in verbosity, it more than makes up for in smack talk.

Amy takes aim at women who, in her opinion, act like one of the guys in order to attract a man. According to Amy, these so called “Cool Girls” talk about sports, eat chili dogs, and so on, just for the attention. Her theory being that no woman likes that sort of stuff.

Gender stereotype much?

Amy doesn’t limit herself to attacking women who frequent sports bars; oh no. She also goes after women who claim to be attracted to vegans who love dogs, and comic book loving hipsters.

So you’re saying Fake Geek Girls really do exist.

One has to remember that these are the ramblings of a mad person not unlike, but far more venomous, than Tin Foil Hat Person at the subway station. You know, the one who is always going on about aliens and government conspiracies.

The Illuminati are real, though. Just so you know.

Why can’t some guys get it through their heads that there are women who love Star Trek as much as, if not more so? The last time I checked, there were any number of female characters in science fiction television series and films, but I guess they are just doing it for the attention and/or the paycheck. There are also many female writers, directors and producers; but not enough in my humble opinion.

But I digress.

I have known a few Cool Girls in my life, but not the ones that Amy described. I never would question someone’s authenticity, but then again, I am a weak spined, woman fearing coward.

But that’s another story.

I have known Cool Girls who have been taken advantage of by their boyfriends/husbands simply because they are seen as nothing more than “one of the guys.” Far too often, they let the man off the hook ,”‘Cause he’s a guy, and I’m a cool girl.”

Bringing it all back to me, since that is what this blog is all about, I don’t think I would want to date a “Cool Girl.” Well… not the kind Amy described anyway. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who felt like they couldn’t be themselves around me. Conversely, I wouldn’t want to change my core personality in order to be with someone.

I’ve seen that movie; I know how it ends.


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