And Now, The News

I always considered Weekend Update the best part of Saturday Night Live, and for many of the past thirty-nine seasons it was the only reason to watch. Since Seth Meyers left SNL, I have given up on the show altogether. I did watch a couple of episodes after his departure, but I wasn’t feeling it. I like Cecily Strong, and I believe that she should have been given the chance to go solo. But alas, no.

It is kind of sad that I no longer watch SNL on a regular basis, but I don’t miss it all that much. If something funny does happen, it will make its way online. There is no point in missing sleep, only to be disappointed; I could go to a bar on Saturday night and get the same result.

I have viewed every iteration of Weekend Update over the decades, and my favorite anchors are: Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, and Dennis Miller. Yeah… Dennis Miller. I’ll just say that he was one of my favorite comedians of the late Twentieth Century and leave it at that.

Denis Leary is still cool, right?

Over the years, any number of shows have tried to emulate the success of Weekend Update. The best, in my opinion, is The Daily Show. At first, I worried that there wouldn’t be enough fake news to fill the allotted time, then I realized that Weekend Update probably had a hard time narrowing down their jokes.

And now there is a new show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Each week, Oliver delivers a commentary/rant, the likes of which has not been experienced since the heyday of the aforementioned Dennis Miller. It’s reason enough to “borrow” your neighbor’s HBOGo password. That is if you’re not already siphoning his cable.

The October 9, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone features John Oliver on the cover with a caption that reads: “The Angriest Man in Fake News,” which sounds about right. Then again, I don’t know if it’s anger as much as it is honesty, and isn’t honesty what we are looking for when it comes to reporting the news?


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