I Wouldn’t Bet on That

I’m not much of a gambler; I will eat my own cooking but that’s as far as I will go. I won’t put money on anything because I cannot afford to lose it, nor am I desperate enough to even even think about trying it.

One thing I almost certainly woundn’t bet on is sports. Not only do we watch sports for entertainment, we watch in the hopes of being surprized. Most of us do not want unpredictability in everyday life, yet we often crave it in sports; especially when our team is the underdog.

Sporting matches can be predictable due to the fact that some teams aren’t very good. Then there are teams that are constantly overrated and you just know that they are going to screw things up along the way, but you don’t always know exactly when they will fail. Or do you? I would mention a certain college team, but I don’t want to feed the trolls.

I don’t bet on any team I support because I would go from having an emotional interest to a financial one. That is also why I wouldn’t buy shares in any team I like. I get enough grief on Twitter, I don’t need it on sports talk radio as well.

In theory, every game is a 50/50 proposition. That is unless I have made a wager on one of the sides, in which case I would suggest you bet the farm on the opposing team. I should set up one of those 1-800-TOUT lines and have degenerate gamblers call me for picks. They would always win if they bet against me.

Then again, a lot of people have lost money betting against me.


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