Yes, I Get Emotional Over Superheroes

Gotham is not a Batman story in the traditional sense. For better or worse the story of Gotham City is the story of Batman; for you cannot have one without the other.

I don’t care how many times I read it in the comics or see it on TV, film, or animation, I never fail to feel a great sadness at the sight of that helpless child kneeling beside his deceased parents in Crime Alley. It’s easy to look back in retrospect, knowing who this child will become and think that everything will be okay–but that would be missing the point. The point is: Everything will not be okay.

One of the many things to love about The Dark Knight Trilogy is the scene in Batman Begins where James Gordon meets Bruce Wayne. Yes, they met under less than ideal circumstances but the one true friend is the person who is there for you at your darkest hour.

Gotham seems to be taking this relationship one step further; apparently Gordon and Master Bruce will have quite a bit of interaction. It’s a great idea since these are two people who will form a bond, if not a friendship, that will define both themselves and the city they have sworn to protect; albeit in very different ways.


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