She’s Electric

I watched the Formula E race the other day because I was curious to see what electric car racing would look like. Who am I kidding? I watched it because it was an auto race.

As a debut event it went okay. There wasn’t any major screw ups from the organization side, or from the teams itself; so that could considered a small victory. The streets of Beijing made for a serviceable and unremarkable circuit, but the same can said for ninety-nine percent of the street circuits in the world.

As for the cars? Well… They seemed reliable, which is something you look for in any car, racing or otherwise. The one interesting thing was that the cars were only able to make it to just past the halfway point, and instead of recharging, which would have taken forever, the drivers pulled into the pits and hopped in a fresh car. In a way, it was kind of cool. However, it’s not something that has any real world applications, since it’s not practical for your daily commute.

Or a road trip.

Some people complained about the noise the cars made; what noise there was. It was a high pitched whine which was not dissimilar to an electric forklift. At least they didn’t sound like those farty four cylinder cars that are so popular with all the kids.

Damn whippersnappers.

The good* news is for the most part the sound of the engines was drowned out by the DJ. Yep, in one of the most Nineties moves of all time, someone decided that an auto race needed a DJ. It was like someone set up a slot car track inside of a nightclub from Alias.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty cool idea. I might actually go to that club. Of course that’s presuming I get past the door man.

* Good is a relative term. Your milage may vary.


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