Hawkeye “Little Hits”

Okay… This looks bad.

Trust me. What I am about to say is a compliment: Hawkeye doesn’t feel like a comic book from one of the Big Two. It feels far too cool and confident. In an era where comic book publishers act more like movie studios it’s hard to believe that Harkeye slipped through the cracks.

Hawkeye is a shining example of what happens when a publisher hands creative control of a B or C-level character over to a top notch creative team. Almost everyone who gets into the comics business wants to work on one of the major titles because, more often than not, those are the characters that first drew them in and fostered their love of the medium. I can see a future where more writers and artists state that they got into the business because they loved independent comics, and I’m willing to bet there are quite a few working today for that reason. I don’t know, I haven’t read all the biographies. I do think that at least one young person reading the current run of Hawkeye will site it as an influence, and we will be better off for it.

Of course, I’ll probably be dead, ’cause I’m old.

I know that reading comics is supposed to be a monthly endeavor, but I practice the ancient Mesopotamian art of tradewaiting, which has its good and bad points. I don’t know which catagory this falls under, but I makes me look at comics as volumes which, by definition, trade paperbacks are. I also sometimes look at them as albums or seasons of a TV series.

Yes, I am easily bored.

The second album is often described as “difficult” since you have a lifetime to write the first one and two weeks to write the second. The second season of a television is where it starts to soar or where it goes completely off the rails.

*cough* Heroes *cough*

If Hawkeye were a TV series, “Little Hits” would the kind of second season that shows growth and confidence. Matt Fraction and David Aja know exactly what they are doing, and they are unafraid of going places where others dare not. How else to explain the final issue in this collection: “Pizza is my Business.” Some of you know what I am talking about, and those of you who are yet to read it are in for a real treat.

I heart Hawkguy.


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