The Star Wars

As everyone knows, I am a Star Wars fan. But I’m not one of those superfans that knows every minute detail and obscure fact. So, to some I’m a geek, and to others, I’m a poser. What can I say? It’s my cross to bear.

I have read a few of the “Extended Universe” novels, and some of them were pretty good. Thankfully I wasn’t obsessive about it because none of them are canon, and the new films may or may not use elements found in them.

The one thing that did intrigue me was George Lucas’ first draft, which was refered to as “The Star Wars.” Every once in a while there would be an article or interview that made reference to it, but I figured that it was either lost to the annals of history or would never see the light of day. Sure, there was always someone who claimed to have read it, but it was usually the same guy who claimed to have touched a boobie, so you can see why I was dubious.

One of the things I found out a long time ago was that there was a character in The Star Wars called “Luke Starkiller.” Skywalker is a cool name, but Starkiller sounded badass. Other than that, I really didn’t know anything at all about the story; I assumed that it would be fairly close to the film. When it was announced that Dark Horse Comics was releasing The Star Wars I knew that I had to read it for myself.

So… What did I think? Well… It is different from Star Wars. A lot different. Other than a few characters and scenes, there is nothing in The Star Wars that made it into the final draft. Is that a good thing? Yes! Yes, it is. I’m not saying that The Star Wars is bad, but Star Wars is way better. I cannot think of anything that I made me say, “I wish that was in the film.”

Is it worth your time and/or money? If you are a massive fan/completist, then yeah, give it a shot. If you are a casual fan you may find it interesting.


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