Halt and Catch Fire “Close to the Metal”

Tonight’s Halt and Catch Fire recap, or whatever it is, is brought to you by Johnnie Walker: Helping writers get the job done since 1820.

So… It seems that the new computer is really fast, I mean like it’s gone plaid. It will still be a few years before they hit ludicrous speed though. I guess that’s something.

Cameron’s BIOS code went missing. Well… It’s still there. Somewhere. Apparenttly her computer commited suicide, as they do, just so you will have to go out and by another one. The thing is that they are still twenty years or so away from Facebook and that’s enough to make you want to unplug an electric clock with your mouth. Tried that once, got the scar to prove it. It’s on my lower lip, and it has its benefits. Just saying.

Hello, ladies.

Speaking of ladies, I’m liking Donna more and more each week. Kerry Bishe is doing a great job, I just wish she had more to work with.

Donna saves the day by coming in and recvering the code. Or should I say 93.6% of it? As it was, they really didn’t need her. At all. It was all a scam by Joe in order to give the reporter from Wall Street Quarterly something to write about. Joe is of the belief that any publicity is good publicity. Some people say that any pub is good pub, but I have been in more than my fair share of crap pubs.

But that’s another story.

What is it with computer superfreaks and orange soda?

Joe got his “Welcome to Texas” moment when two cops beat the crap out of him.

Cameron as a babysitter is a bad idea. Then again, I probably would have done the same thing if I was in her place. I never had a babysitter as a kid, but I did learn a lot of cool stuff from my uncles.

And then the episode ends with Cameron becoming all OCD about backing up her files. Maybe one day she will invent a service that backs stuff for you automatically. That would be handy.

I’m still not in love with Halt and Catch Fire. Oh, I want to be. It’s kind of like seeing someone’s picture on a dating site and you think they are attractive. Then yoiu click on the profile and find out that you have a lot in common.

The first date goes okay; well enough that you want a second one. Then after the fourth date nothing has happened and you are wondering if it ever will. You start questioning yourself; “Is it me?” At some point you start wondering; “Will things get any better?” Eventually you try and figure out what you ever saw in them in the first place.


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