A tie is like kissing your sister…

…and my sister is hot.

First off, I don’t have a sister, so there is no kising going on around here. Basically, I am refering to the World Cup match yesterday between USA and Portugal. No, I am not happy with the fact that the US gave up a late goal; in fact, they wouldn’t have even been in that position if they hadn’t given the first goal away so easily.

I think that most of us American supporters would have been somewhat satisfied with a draw before the game started, but to have all three points in our hands only to let them slip away is devastating. Still, it’s not the end of the world–a draw against Germany on Thursday will see both sides through. It is a case of; “A draw is as good as a win.”

For a long time now soccer enthusiasts in the US have been saying that one day the game will be huge here. I’m still waiting. Actually… I’m not. It really doesn’t matter no me since I am not a “soccer evangelist” like so many fans are.

I love soccer/football but I’m not the kind of guy who is going to go across the country preaching the gospel of the beautiful game. We all know someone who is on the Paleo diet and never shuts up about it–I don’t want to be that guy.

In the 2002 World Cup the US squad made it to the quarter-final round and that was an impressive result. When 2006 rolled around, expectations were high. There were numerous magazine covers featuring USA squad members, all of which were touting big things to come.

However… The US had been drawn into the “Group of Death” alongside Ghana, Italy and the Czech Republic. Still, there were many who expected the Americans to make it out unscathed. Those people had no idea what they were talking about, and I said as much at the time.

In fact, Italy was my choice to win the whole thing–and they did.

The US lost 3-0 to the Czech Republic in their first match. The second match saw improvement: a 1-1 draw with Italy. Then World Cup dreams of a nation ended with a 2-1 loss to Ghana.

It wasn’t all bad though. The US were the only country to score a point against Italy; so, at least we have that going for us. Go team!

The first match for the US in the 2010 World Cup for the US was against England. Oof. To say that these two countries have a bit of history would be an understatement. Oh, things have gotten better over the centuries, but there is still a bit of an “Us vs Them” mentality that creeps in from time to time; usually on occasions such as this one.

You see, England invented the game and they never let anyone forget it. They also invented rugby and cricket, then taught other countries how to play these games for the express purpose of having someone to defeat in something other than war. Now, that’s not true, but it makes for a good story.

I watched the match at Fado Irish pub in Atlanta, Georgia–Long story. There were a boatload of English supporters there. (No pun intended.) They were all singing their songs and poking fun at Americans.

And then… The second funniest thing that day happened. During the pregame show this commercial appeared on television. I was the only one who knew what was about to happen, because I had seen the teaser online.

The scene opens with a group of Revolutionary War era British soldiers. Then an advance scout runs up and says something to the guy in charge. The next thing you know there is a Dodge Challenger appearing on the horizon with a rather large Colonial flag attached. The kicker? It was being driven by General George Washington.

It pretty much took the collective air out of the assembled England supporters. They realized that the Americans were taking this seriously. During the ad, and for quite a while after, the pub was silent. I have been going there for a very long time and That. Never. Happens.

As for the match, Steven Gerrard scored for England rather early and the English fans found their voices. And of course, they started making light of Tim Howard and Tourette syndrome.

Stay classy, England.

Then, just before halftime, the funniest thing happened. Literally. England keeper Robert Green couldn’t hold on to Clint Dempsey’s shot, and it slow rolled into the net.

Ha freaking ha.

Then I had to open my big mouth and say, “Howard has Tourette’s, what’s Green’s excuse?” I got away with it. Just. And that was all the scoring for the match.

Sometimes, a draw is a fair result.


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