Rectify season 1 part 2: “Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Caught In A Sleeper Hold”

Another thing on Rectify that Daniel has to come to terms with is his family dynamic. In addition to his sister Amantha, who was about twelve of thirteen when Daniel was sentenced, he has a younger brother, Jared (Jake Austin Walker), whom he really has no relationship with. At all.

Then there is the new stepfamily. While Daniel was incarcerated his father passed away. A few years prior to Daniel’s release his mother, Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) married Ted Talbot, Sr (Bruce McKinnon). Ted is running the tire shop that was once owned by Daniel’s father, and if that seems a bit awkward, it’s because it is. But, Daniel is okay with it… For the time being.

To complicate things further, Ted has a son, Ted Jr a.k.a. “Teddy” (Clayne Crawford). Teddy acts sometimes as if the tire shop belongs to him and his dad, but Ted Sr says that the shop is Daniel’s birthright, and of course that is not what Teddy wants to hear.

Teddy fears Daniel the way that a lot of people fear change… Or anything different, or out of the ordinary. Daniel is a variable and Teddy likes consistantcy. In some ways, the two are very similar. For nineteen years Daniel lived a life where very little changed, and now he has been thrust into a world where almost anything can happen; such as when he goes to visit Amantha and Jon answers the door.

In addition to a fear of change, Teddy is also arrogant, a bit self rightous, lacks self awareness, and has the inability to cut the cord with his daddy. In other words: He’s a lot like a lot of Southern males I know.

Teddy is also one of those “macho” guys who thinks that if he was cornered in a prison shower by a bunch of dudes he’d just nut-punch his way out. Having said all that, I don’t think Teddy is a bad person, he’s just not all that he thinks he is.


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