Torchwood “Sleeper”

Yeah, I skipped a few episodes of Torchwood. I just… I didn’t really have anything to say about them. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy them, it’s that I didn’t want to force it. There are times when you like something and you can’t explain why, and there are times when you don’t want to pinpoint your attraction to something for fear it may lose its magic. That’s the reason why some people don’t like watching behind the scenes features.

As I was watching “Sleeper” I had nothing in mind to write about. I remember liking the episode the first time I saw it on BBC America, but that’s about it.

The story centers around Beth, who killed two guys who broke into her flat. She has no memory of this, and Jack suspects Beth is either an alien or has been taken over by one, or something sinister.

It turns out that Beth is a sleeper agent and the team believes her to be a lone scout, sent in to recon Earth in advance of a full scale invasion. Well, it seems that Beth is not the only one.

One sleeper kills a man who works for the government, and another sleeper walks into a building and a split second later sets off a bomb. It’s a rather large explosion, the kind of thing we didn’t see a lot of in series one. In a way it was a precursor to the large scale “event” stories of “Children of Earth” and “Miracle Day.”

After the episode finished I kept thinking about the explosion. It seemed like a shame to waste it on a story that really didn’t deserve it. Once again, I like “Sleeper,” but the thought occured to me that it could have been so much more.

Unlike Doctor Who, Torchwood did not have multi-part episodes. There were episodes that had connections, but for the most part they were stand alone. If any episode up to this point deserved to have two parts it was “Sleeper.”

The sad part about that last paragraph is that I kept refering to Torchwood in the past tense. I guess I have made my way to the “acceptance” stage on the Kubler-Ross grief chart.

Part one could have ended with the explosion and the discovery that Beth was not alone, but maybe that’s just me. No one ever asked me to be a showrunner and they never will. It took me what, about six years to figure that one out.


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