Halt and Catch Fire “FUD”

It would be far too easy to take the meaning of the title of this weeks episode of Halt and Catch Fire to mean that there is fear, uncertainty and doubt on the part of the viewers. I won’t go that far, since I am still intrigued as to where this is all going. Yeah, I do know that it will eventually end up with a finished product, but how the hell will they get there?

It seems that the employees of Cardiff Electric successfully fooled IBM’s lawyers enough to get them out the door. For now. Now all they have to do is stick to the plan and hope for the best. What exactly is the plan? It seems that Joe wants the Gordon and Cameron to build a computer that is twice as fast as IBM’s at half the cost. Way to go, Joe, why not try for free, clean energy while you’re at it? Oh! I almost forgot the kicker–it will come with a handle.

This week it was Gordon’s turn to get a little something-something. Way to go, Gordon! Oh, and you gotta love his and Donna’s post coital sexy talk involving their daughter’s dental appointment. I hope that is not how all married couples end a session of making the beast with two backs; that would permanently put me off marriage.

And of course Gordon didn’t tell Donna that Cameron is a woman. No offense, but I really don’t think that Donna has anything to worry about, especially since Gordon and Cameron cannot have anything to do with one another. Legally speaking, of course. Gordon has his office, and Cameron has her room, and never the twain shall meet. Or, however that goes.

And when things really get bad, Joe is there with his rousing speech about how, basically, they are the Bad News Bears of the computer world. Or something like that. He tells a story about being chased off a roof by bullies because he cared more about Sputnik than the New York Giants. It seems to work on Gordon, but the next day Cameron calls him on it, because the football game in question was a year after Sputnik. Joe’s speech still worked on Cameron even though it was b.s. because she knew what his point was.

On the awkward white guy front, there was John, in his tennis whites, having a discussion in the changing room at the club. At least he wasn’t naked. And, for a split second there, I thought Joe and Gordon’s parking lot scuffle was going to go the way of that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary. There is nothing quite like watching middle class white guys have it out.

Last week Gordon’s choice jam was “Lodi” and this week it was “Lido Shuffle.” Does he get his music from Columbia House or what? And remember, kids–nothing says the 80s quite like a butterfly knife. Except maybe nunchakas.


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