Mad Men “Field Trip”

I was drinking when I wrote this, so sue me if I go astray.

Rule 1: Never sue a broke person.

Once again Don is watching a movie. This time it’s Model Shop starring Gary Lockwood and Anouk Aimee. Yay! I spelled her name correctly. I say that not because I have been drinking, but because I knew a woman, not biblically of course, named Amiee. Spot the difference. In fact, Amiee was the person who gave me the greatest compliment ever. She said, “I wouldn’t spit on him.”


It was nice to see Francine again. She hasn’t been around for a while, and I was beginning to wonder if Betty had abandoned her for a new set of highfaluting friends since she is married to a bigshot politician now.

If Francine had married Betty’s husband she would be Francine Francis and that would be much too much. Back in the 80s, when I was delivering pizzas for a living, we had a customer named Gayla Gaye. No joke.

Oh the stories I could tell about pizza delivery. Unfortunately none of them involve brown chicken brown cow.

Of course Betty had to add the bit about how “A.G.” means “Attorney General.” What, did she think that Francine thought it meant . . . Um . . . Give me a minute . . . I’ll come back to it when I sober up a bit.

Then Harry said something about “Computers don’t think, people do.” Really!?! You obviously never saw 2001: A Space Odyssey. I almost said Space Oddity. God I love David Bowie. I grew up in the 70s and he is at least in part to blame for my love of androgyny. Well, him and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. No wonder I am the way I am.

I found my iPod!

I think my favorite line of the episode was, “You said you wanted to poke your head in and say ‘Hi’ to Peggy.” The last time someone did that Peggy ended up pregnant.

And then there was Don with his “hankering.” Does anyone under 40 even know what that even means? He sounded like some ranch hand looking for flapjacks. Either that or he just ambled into the Dodge City brothel.

At least I didn’t say “whorehouse.”

And then Bobby and Betty go to the country. He actually thinks that you “grow” eggs. And you worry about Sally. Maybe he should poke his head in and say ‘Hi’ to Peggy. Either that or Don should take him to a brothel. When he comes of age, of course. Maybe in a few years Sally can take him to Studio 51. Maybe they can star in a remake of The Last Days of Disco.

Whatever happened to Whit Stillman?

Then we see find Roger in a smoking jacket. Very suave, Mr. Sterling. And a bit later his Sherry arrives. I always thought he was a gin man.

It was a pretty ballsy move on Roger’s part to bring Don back. It’s not like Don was going to start a new agency in Cali with Pete and Ted… Or is he?

I think Roger sees this as a “Us vs. Them” situation. I don’t think he likes the “& Partners” part of SC & P.

Alice Ghostley! I knew I’d think of something.

Roger was being a bit mean when he said that he found Don at the bottom of a fur box. Is that anything like poking your head in and saying “Hi” to Peggy?

At least I didn’t say, “Is that like having your Sherry and eating it too?”

I am so sorry.

And then Bobby traded Betty’s sandwich for gumdrops. Some would say that his father has been doing that for years. Then Bobby realized that he really didn’t want the gumdrops after all. Maybe Don will learn that lesson one day. Maybe he is learning because he didn’t go after the pretty woman who was coming on to him.

You don’t get this kind of insight when I’m sober.

My problem is that I cannot read the signs, subtle or otherwise, when they are happening to me. Then other times I see signs when they aren’t there.

If someone hasn’t already done it there should be a Betty Francis “Mommy Blog.” You could give advice on how to be passive aggressive. Me? I’m passive right up until I become aggressive.

And what is the deal with all the sandwiches? Last week Don got Sally a pattie melt she didn’t ask for, but she seemed to enjoy it. Dawn offered Don a sandwich and he was like, “Okay.” Roger was waiting on a BLT. Is it some kind of metaphor that you learn in film school? I never made it past “black hat/white hat.”

So… Don has his old job back. Sort of. He has to not drink, and stick to the script. Oh, and he has to report to Lou. How long is that going to last?


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