Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run is one of those movies that I had seen any number of times on television, but until recently I had never watched the theatrical version. I could have rented it any number of times during the 80s or 90s but I never got around to it since there were any number of films I hadn’t seen at all. Recently I was in Best Buy and saw that it was $6.99 for the blu-ray and I couldn’t pass that up.

It was pretty much as I remembered it–except for the nudity, of course–not that I mind. It’s just that this was a PG rated film released in 1976. There wasn’t a lot of nudity, but far more than you would find in a PG-13 film today.

The times they are a-changing.

Being a child of the 70s I had a thing for Farrah Fawcett-Majors. She wasn’t my first celebrity crush; as far as I can remember that would have been Barbara Eden. But Farrah was the one that I really fell for hard at a time in my life when I kind of, sort of, knew what was going on. That being said, I was only eight years old in 1976. You think kids grow up fast these days.

As with a lot of films of the era, the story of Logan’s Run holds up far better than the special effects. Some effects, such as the holograms of Logan in the interogation scene were ahead of their time. Others, such as in the “frozen room,” or whatever it was called, wouldn’t have been out of place on Doctor Who… In the late 80s.

It’s interesting to look back at older films and TV series to see how they depict future life. For the most part they get a lot wrong. But then again, Logan’s Run is set in the year 2274, which is a long way off, unless of course you are reading this in the future. If so, “Hello!”

One the the things that the filmmakers got right was the depiction of Arcade. It looked like every shopping mall in the 1980s.

For all the talk of living in a hedonistic society, there were only a few scenes where this was evident. One was when Logan and Jessica made their escape through the Love Shop. This was a very short scene, and I wish that they had stuck around another six or seven minutes.

Then there was the scene where Logan called up Jessica on something called the “Circuit.” It’s a bit like “Dial-A-Date” except the companion arrives via a sort of Star Trek transporter beam. It’s not prostitution, but more like an online “hook up” site. Or so I’ve been told. Just because you make a booty call is no guarantee you will get a booty call.

Story of my life.

In this world everone resides beneath a protective bubble, I guess to protect them from nuclear fallout or something. The one thing everyone remembers about Logan’s Run is that when you turn thirty years old you must submit to “Carrousel” for a trip to eternity, and hopefully you will be reborn.

The title character, Logan, (Michael York) is a Sandman, whose job it is to track down Runners–those who try to escape Carrousel.

Logan is ordered by his supervisor, which happens to be a computer, to find a place called “Sanctuary” which is supposedly the Runner hideout. To make his story believable, the computer causes Logan’s life crystal to blink, which is the warning sign that you are to go to Carrousel.

Logan asks Jessica (Jenny Agutter) for help in reaching Sanctuary. Stuff happens, and they make their way outside. Instead of finding Sanctuary they discover an old man (Peter Ustinov) holed up in what used to be the US Capitol building, although no one, including the old man has any clue as to what the buildings history is.

Logan decides to forget about finding Sanctuary and instead, bring the old man back to the city in order to prove that Carrousel is a lie, and that it is possible to live past thirty.

Of course it is possible to live past thirty. That is unless you overdo it. Some say that life begins at thirty, or even forty. All I know is I hope it begins soon before it pases me by.


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