New Club

I guess by now most of have heard that Atlanta is getting a MLS team.

(This space intentionally left blank)

Use it to place all the jokes.


I’m moving on now.

It seems that all the Internet trolls were out in full force today. Some jokes were good natured and kind of funny. It’s the half truths and flat out lies that bother me. I really shouldn’t be upset with people who spend all their time on the Internet believing everything they read.

Why should I bother with people who live in places without any professional teams and are so filled with jealousy they cannot see straight. Or if they do have a pro sports team their owner is far too concerned with the amount of tattoos the players have.

Then there are those who like nothing more than to bore their friends with their extensive knowledge of handcrafted beer. Or those who scan trending hashtags on Twitter so they can fire off a comment and pray that it is retweeted so they can boost their precious Klout score. They are like those guys who hit on every woman in Johnny’s Takeaway in the desperate hopes of a handjob in the parking lot so that they can lord it over their chat room buddies who extol the virtues of the Fleshlight.

That’s why I don’t feed the trolls.

Yes, I do have concerns about the new MLS club in Atlanta. I would like a soccer specific stadium, but I understand why they will play in the new Falcons stadium, whatever it is to be called. I like going to Atlanta; I even like riding MARTA… To a certain extent.

Yes, the Braves are moving out of the city and into Cobb County, but in some ways I don’t see this as a bad thing. I don’t like it when sports teams hold cities hostage; that’s how we ended up with the Georgia Dome, which isn’t so bad. The previous owner of the Falcons, Rankin Smith, threatened to move the team to Jacksonville. I offered to help load the truck.

Of course now the Falcons are owned by Arthur Blank, who will also own the MLS team. For the most part he has gotten things right since he has talen control. I still have no clue as to why he hired Bobby Petrino in the first place. I’m glad he’s gone and taken his motorcycle with him. Could you imagine the uproar if that had happened while he was coaching the Falcons? ESPN would play that clip of him in the neckbrace on a twenty-four hour loop.

At least the MLS team won’t have any garishly colored uniforms. I like the red, gold, and white colors–very stylish, and I look good in them. But then again I look good in most colors.

Except for brown.

As for the team’s name that is yet to be chosen. Apparently is is up to the fans to pick, which could be a good or bad thing. I hope it’s not one of those name that is similar to a famous club like with Sporting KC, or Houston Dynamo. Someone suggested “ATLetico” as in the other club from Madrid. It’s not bad and it does fit, but no.

A lot of people want “Terminus” in the name because of the supporters club, and that was also the former name for Atlanta. My friend who is a big fan of football and The Walking Dead pointed out that the name would make for a very interesting tailgate party.

Anyone for barbecued troll?


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