Mad Men “Time Zones”

In tribute to Roger Sterling, I am stark naked as I write this.

For the most part this won’t be an in depth review, just random thoughts. I wish I had the kind of talent to psychoanalyze all the details in Mad Men. I must admit that a lot of it goes way over my head. I wish I had gone to film school or something. I’m sure that you probably wish that I had as well.

So, here goes nothing.

Boy, Freddie Rumsen has gotten very articulate since he got off the sauce. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he was reading from Don’s script. In a parallel universe, there is a sad bastard version of Mad Men where Freddie is the star.

My father had a couple of Accutron watches. I had almost forgotten about them. I don’t even know if they still make them. I remember going to the jewlery store in the early 80s to buy one. I guess that is where my watch fetish comes from. In fact my dad’s side of the family is basically the “Nice Watch Club.”

I did not know that brunch was a thing in the 1960s. I thought it was an invention of “Fern Bars” in the 80s. Basically it’s just an excuse to eat breakfast later in the day, or get get drunk earlier in the day and I am a fan of both of those things. If Waffle House had a liquor license, I would move in.

Speaking of the 80s and brunch: Pete Campbell looked like a Yuppie on his way to brunch in that tennis ensemble. I don’t know what goes on in that funny little brain of his.

And then we meet Bonnie the real estate agent. And we all know that when the bottom falls out of the market, “real estate agent” becomes code for “shooting porn until the market picks up.” Then again, maybe I watch way too much porn.

I may regret writing this part naked, but here goes: Just when you thought it was impossible for Megan to get any hotter, she went and did it. California definately agrees with her.

While I am on the subject; leave her teeth alone! I said two seasons ago I would never have noticed if she hadn’t said anything about it. A lot of you are calling b.s. on that statement, and there is a time in my life I would have as well.

Let me tell you a little story:

Back in high school my friend was dating someone who, how shall I put this delicately? She had large breasts. I knew this, everyone knew this, or so it seemed. My friend was oblivious, or so I thought. It turns out that he really had a major thing for her. In fact, they got married and still are to this day. I am glad because she was the only girl he ever dated that was nice.

I didn’t believe him when he told me that he hadn’t really noticed, and then the same exact thing happened to me a while later. Well, except for the marriage bit.

But I digress.

The whole thing about Megan living in what Don called “Dracula’s castle” seems to be presaging her iminent demise. Or at least that is what we are supposed to think. Since everyone has predicted it, Matthew Weiner may just be messing with us. Then again, most of us were correct in saying that the mother was dead on How I Met Your Mother. I finally got one prediction right and I am never going to let you forget it.

We all know that the reason Ted isn’t tan is because he’s dead. Or a vampire. I don’t think he’s Irish.

And now for the obscure joke portion of the blog.

When did Peggy become Schneider from One Day at a Time?

Hello, Professor Poldolski. I am a big fan of your future grandson the footballer.

I would like to have some of Megan’s bread pudding and no, that is not a metaphor. Ask your server.

I am not a fan of T.W.A. coffee, but I love T.W.A. tea.

Sorry about that last one.

Much like Don and his balcony door, I am not much of a closer.


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