Batman “The Court of Owls/The City of Owls”

Writer: Scott Snyder

Co-writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Greg Capullo, Jonathon Glapion, Rafael Albuquerque, Jason Fabok

“The Court of Owls/The City of Owls” are the first two Batman trade paperbacks since the start of The New 52, and I really enjoyed reading them. I know that a lot of people aren’t New 52 fans, and that’s okay. I can understand the frustration that comes with reboots and retcons. However, there are some great things coming from DC in the past few years, and Batman is certainly one of them.

In my humble opinion there is nothing better in comics than a great Batman story. The only thing that comes close is a great X-Men comic. If I had started reading X-Men first I might feel differently.

Or I may not.

Without getting too spoilery, Batman prides himself on knowing Gotham City like the back of his gauntlet. He likes to think there is nowhere that a criminal can hide in his town.

Batman can be wrong sometimes.

That’s not good for him or Gotham, but it makes for good reading. If it was easy, what would be the point? Admit it, we like to see Batman go through the emotional wringer. We like to watch him get bruised, beaten and broken. All that pain makes the victories even that much sweeter.

For over a century there have been rumors and urban legends surrounding a group called “The Court of Owls.” Most people don’t believe the stories, but then again, a lot of people don’t believe in Batman.

I believe in Batman.

Bruce Wayne doesn’t believe in the Court of Owls. If they existed surely he would know about it since he’s Batmam, dammit! The truth is that the Court exists and have for over a century. In fact, some of them were Gotham’s founding fathers.

It’s shocking enough that the Court once existed; it’s almost unbelievable that they are still active and have secret headquarters all over the city. The Court also has connections to people close to Bruce Wayne. To say he’s not best pleased would be an understatement.

So, where does this story rank in the pantheon of great Batman stories? That’s not for me to decide; it’s up to history to make that call. For me, it’s a modern classic, but who am I to say? It is a very emotional story–I’m not afraid to say that at one point I teared up.

Now you know why I could never be Batman.


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