Let’s Go To The Mall!

Recently a friend asked if I wanted to tag along on a trip to Phipps Plaza. I said, “Yeah,” because it had been a while since I had darkened their door. So many malls and shopping centers had cropped up between here and there that there was no need for me to go to Atlanta to shop, but when I do get the opportunity I don’t let it pass me by.

Way back in the day I never spent much time at Phipps, even though at Christmas they had the best Mall Santa. For all I know he could have been the real thing. For the uninitiated, Phipps Plaza is basically Rodeo Drive in mall form… In Atlanta. I only really started going there in the early Nineties when Nike Town opened, and I never needed anything from Tiffany & Co. The mall smelled vaguely of old money and Ben Gay. I’m not saying that the clientele was of a certain age (it was), but you could also spot any number of Atlanta area pro athletes there. That is when they weren’t in the bars or strip clubs.

R.I.P. Gold Club.

And the Rose & Crown.

I noticed on this excursion that the demographics have skewed a bit younger, and I’m not talking about the kids waiting to enter Legoland. There happened to be quite a few people milling about who were in their twenties and thirties. A lot of them were women. Very beautiful women. Very tall women. Where were they when I was their age? If you say, “Nursery School,” so help me I’ll…

The next stop on the tour was Lenox Mall which is diagonally across from Phipps. Some would say, “catercornered,” but I am not one of them. On the surface Lenox Mall is only slightly less upscale than Phipps. It contains pretty much your standard mall shops, and some that have abandoned Phipps such as Nike Town. They even have a shop that sells only shaving supplies. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s kind of cool.

The shoppers at Lenox Mall are more varied than those at Phipps. By that I mean that there is a Gap. While I was there I saw a female shopper who was wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt. No, I didn’t hit on her, she had a boyfriend. I do think I could have taken him in a fight. For those of you who know me, that is saying something. I am not the most manliest of men.

If I was a kid and I went to Phipps Plaza and saw an Aston Martin and a McLaren on display I would be over the moon. Oh, and I would have thought that Legoland was pretty cool too. In fact, I still think that way.

When I was a kid I thought one day I would own a Ferrari. No, I wasn’t very bright. Maybe that’s why I don’t own a Ferrari.


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